Think of windsurfing at it's peak in 1984 ,then fast forward to today's "learn in 60 minutes" boards, flat water full action Freestyle boards,Ultra wide Formula boards planing in 5 knots, super performance wave boards or the new travel toys we have in store for 2004. Then imagine what is next!

We are proud to see windsurfing into the future with mind blowing experimental designs like the 199cm short Compact board which travels on the bus and train thus transforms windsurfing into a plug and play sport.

The worlds best research team designs our range of boards. Scott Mc Kercher's brainchild EVO range re invents wave sailing. Jean Louis Colmas' and Colin Sifferlen's Freesex designs set the new standard with super thin/wide freestyle boards.

The expanded and compressed Hypersonic program developed by Tiesda You, Jim Drake and Michael Nakvachara has made the worlds most popular boards faster, and easier to use.

The "FUN TO RIDE", test winning and reference setting Carve range remains with the addition of the 161 freeride sensation and the new radical super short Carve 90.

The Acid range is further refined by Scott Mc Kercher and has become the choice of PWA superstars like Levi Siver, Kevin Pritchard, Ty Bodycoat and weekend sailors alike.

The Trance wave/freestyle program is expanded to 74, 94 and the popular 84 has also been upgraded.

The futuristic Start boards are available with durable ASA skin, a high density nose bumper, mast impact protector and retractable centerfin.

The trend setting Go program continues stronger than ever.

The Express is delivered in the best selling shape of the GO 180 and a centerfin is added to make it stay upwind even in light winds, mixing simplicity and performance for everyone in a durable ASA skin.

The Formula's have again taken the next step outperforming all previous models.

The Junior and Youth Formula boards won the Formula Experience Europeans and continues to set the pace in this quickly growing class. The Freeformula's are upgraded with more Formula like performance, yet rides high and easy on the reach with plenty of control.

The Diva program continues with a 3 board cross over range.

The Starsurfer invites sailors as young as 5 years to go windsurfing before they get stuck with less exiting activities.

The new web site proposed by legendary fun sport guru Kjell Vagle, interact with our previous racing and entry level sites and provide a guide to most aspects of our sport.

We support the quickly growing Formula Experience class, and the proposed multi design Olympic class. We are a main contributor to the International Windsurfing Marketing Association (IWSMA), a fundamental part of windsurfing's future positioning.

It's a pleasure to work with top athletes like Gonzalo, Kevin, Scott, Brian, Wojtek, Levi, Colin, Dorota, Sam, Ty, Michael, Andrea, Luke, Jennifer, Remi, Eric, Ben Severene and mix their talents with the technical back grounds of Jim Drake, Tiesda You, Trent Pedersen, Ian Fox, Nimit Pormjan and Michael Nakvachara. On a personal note I would like to thank Roger Jackson and Ellen Faller for their grass root work in the USA and congratulate them on having been voted Windsurfer of the year in the USA over the last few years.

Thanks to Kriang, Koltd and Lew for creating this years catalogue and Darrel Wong + John Carter for the great shots. Joe Dumrungvivat who has been with us since the very start now sells more boards than anyone else and Tor Bakke is busy updating the most visited windsurfing site.

We trust that the infamous South Pacific God of wind and waves the TIKI himself, will make this the windiest year ever.

Svein started windsurfing in 1978 and won the Mistral Worlds in 1983, he was a gold medallist candidate for the 1984 Olympics and spent 10 years on the PWA pro circuit. In 1991 he became the first sailor to win all disciplines in the IFCA Production-board Class Worlds. Most Starboard master boards are tested by Svein before they get verified for production. Svein is as the sole owner of the brand he founded in 1994, still involved in overlooking every step of the Starboard concept from shaping to shipping.

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