Welcome to my Tracks pages. I am Tiffany, and in these pages I will write about my travels and life on and off the PWA tour. Windsurfing takes me around the world, to meet good friends, explore exciting new places and the endless challenges on the water. It is inspiring, educational and most of all,- FUN.

During my first stay in Maui I was fortunate to meet Daida and Iballa Morino. They were the ones who first introduced me to the world of windsurfing and encouraged me to join the PWA Tour. I was able to watch both girls along with all the other pros compete at the 2001 Aloha Classic at Hookipa. To this day I hope to have the chance to compete in an Aloha Classic. Hookipa’s break has become my all time favorite place to sail and is a great wave on which to push the limits. Plus, they’re always someone out there going big, inspiring the beach and cameras. My ideal set up for most Hookipa conditions is my 4.7 Manic and trusty Diva 62. In fact the Diva’s are my favorite board out of the Starboard fleet and are my choice board on tour. I’ve had countless epic sessions on the Diva’s. They handle well in light and variable conditions as well as big waves. They’re very responsive and fun boards. They’re perfect boards for novice to advanced girls to rip it up on, plus the graphics are appealing to the eye and fun.


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