Peter Hart's new video, "We learned to loop" soon to be released.

The forward loop, or at least the inability to do it, is ruining many peopleís lives. Grown men have been seen to weep with frustration. They crave to do it but some powerful, protective instinct prevents them from going for it. Is it really that difficult or is it just a question of courage? Is it really within the grasp of the regular weekend windsurfer? Well in Peter Hartís latest DVD, we are about to find out. At the end of July he is taking 7 Ďnormalí , proficient recreational sailors to Fuerteventura and is going to try and get them to loop in a week. Every moment of the action, the training, the attempts, the misery and the jubilation, will be filmed with no punches pulled. Peter will have the world cup slalom and Super X as a back drop and so will be calling on the services of John Hibbard, Kevin Pritchard and other members of the Starboard team, to chip in, advise, cajole and inspire. Whatever the outcome, the program will be full of information on jumping technique, the ways to approach the move, the different types of loop and many tips on how to overcome the psychological barrier and pull that trigger. You will also get to see the Starboard Acids and Evos pushed to the max!

To choose the team of hopefuls, Windsurf Magazine ran a competition. Over a hundred desperate people entered, pleading desperately to be a part of this ground breaking production. The final team includes a student, a mother of two, a doctor and a builder with ages ranging from 20 to 45.

We Learned to Loop is to be the third episode of Peterís instructional series on how to sail in waves. Serious About Waves Part 1 is already out. Parts 2 and 3 will be edited and on sale by November.

To find out about and order any of Peterís award winning windsurfing training programs, contact Acrobat Television via or tel 44 (0)161 477 9090 or email Peter on

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