Racestrap: weighing a mere 65g and designed to absorb less water. A total weight saving over half a kilo: up to 10% of the board's weight. Adjustable only via the 6 fixed screw settings. Quickstrap: quick to adjust with its innovative external, symmetrical adjustment system. Extra thick internal lining for a comfortable contact. Wavestrap: the standard reference in comfort and firmness.
Nose Protector
The Starboard dual density Nose protector - high density on the upper surface to spread the load, low density underneath to absorb impact energy.

To be attached to the nose with neoprene contact adhesive. Available in S, M and L sizes:

S - small boards and pointed noses.
M - medium sized boards with slightly rounded noses.
L - larger, lightwind boards with round, wide noses.
Non Twist Device
These devices, inserted through the footstrap screw between the footstrap and the board surface, effectively help rpevent the footstraps from twisting.
Safety Washer
The smart Starboard safety washers are developed especially to protect the feet, sail and boom from fin screw heads that protrude above the deck's surface. A simple innovation claimed in 2003 as the smartest idea of the year!
Wind Sock
Starboard windsocks indicate the wind strength and show the wind direction even in the lightest of winds. A fun reminder for when conditions are good to go.

The new Starboard bag boasts a whole new design packed with innovative ideas and more conveniently placed handles than ever. Padded in thick foam, lined on one side with reflective silver material, built for durability and featuring a new high quality zipper, the boardbag will protect windsurf boards during general transport and storage.

Meshed nose pocket - for a convenient place to store parts such as extensions, screwdrivers, harnesses or wet boardshorts. Split tail design - to allow a finned board to be slotted in easily. Security Loops - when attaching the board and bag on to the car roof-racks, slotting the roof-rack straps through the Security Loops helps reduce the chances of losing the board should the straps loosen up. Stomp pad - a great feature that allows you to slot the board in more conveniently: stomp on the stomp pad to hold the boardbag in place as the board is pushed in.

Available sizes and compatability chart:
XS: Acid 62, 70, 74, 80, 88, Trance 74, 84, Diva 62
S: Carve 90, 99, Freesex 84, Trance 94, Diva 90
M: Freesex 96, 108, Carve 111, 121, Sonic 110
L: Carve 131, 145
XL: Go 150, 165, Carve 161
XXL: Start Small, Start Large, Express, Go 180, 200
Formula: Formula 158, 138, Free Formula 158, 138
Hypersonic: Hypersonic 96, 111, 133
Sonic: Sonic 90, 100
Evo: Evo 74, 80, 92

Accessory Bag
The accessory bag for shops is a convenient "tool of the trade" pack that includes a full selection of screws, bolts, nuts & washers identical to the standard Starboard parts.
Fin Bag
The new Starboard fin quiver bag that fits up to eight 70 cm race fins.
Start Leash
The new Start leash system gives beginners more confidence and the chance to be completely independent, by making learning alone or without supervision safer. The leash also makes teaching easier, since the teacher no longer has to swim after the student everytime they drift away. One end of the leash line may be hooked to a fixed object on the shore or held by the supervisor, while the other end clips on to the leash loop attachment found at the centre on the bottom of the 2004 Start or Starsurfer models. In case the user cannot return to shore, the user can then use the leash to reel him, herself or the student back in. Because the attachment is near the centre of the hull, the use of the leash will not affect the way the board reacts in non-planing conditions. The leash also features two lead weights to prevent the fin from getting caught in the rope.

Express Mast Extension Start Zero Extension Universal Mast Base

Starsurfer 2.0
Developed to cater for young sailors , the stars of tomorrow, the design has been simplified to deliver more power in lighter calmer conditions. The luff curve and seam shaping has been specifically developed to work under lower tensions, allowing anyone to rig their sail without assistance.

Size : 2.0 m2

Boom : 132 cm

Luff : 217 cm
Start 3.0 & 5.0
By fine-tuning the geometry and balance of the rig, we have greatly reduced the physical effort required by the beginner sailor. Luff curves have been optimized to produce an easy, twisting sail for smooth delivery of power. Most aspects of a full size rig have been incorporated, making it possiblefor the first time user to experience modern windsurfing from day one.

Size : 3.0 m2, 5.0 m2

Boom : 140 cm, 170 cm

Luff : 300 cm, 375 cm
NEO 6.0 & 7.5
The NEO offers modern day performance yet maintains a feel and comfort that is often forgotten in the current markets stiff rigs. A lot of effort has been put into delivering a sail that has great power for it's given size, yet remains stable through out it's wind range. You can start planning earlier with the NEO 6.0 and 7.5 than any other sail of the same size. The modern rig mechanics and solid durable materials, deliver a soft feel, with progressive power. Dacron and a PVC window are used in the construction of the Neo, and with no monofilm in this sail it allows for the longest lifespan possible in modern day windsurf sails. The Dacron body is further reinforced from stretch due to the use of load retention strips.

Size : 6.0 m2, 7.5 m2

Boom : 192 cm, 217 cm

Luff : 465 cm, 476 cm

Mast : 460/25, 460/25
Express 7.5
The express sail is specifically designed around the needs of the recreational sailor and weekend fun racer using boards such as the Express or GO. The materials have been carefully selected and gradiated to allow for the lightest weight with maximum durability. Making the sail fuller deep down and further aft provides extra power for earlier planing and the flatter top profile gives top end speed and control.

Size : 7.5 m2

Boom : 217 cm

Luff : 470 cm

Mast : 460/25

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