Dear Starboard owner,
   We are pleased to offer our assistance related to equipment damage, manufacturing faults or other questions you may have concerning protection and maintenance of your board. The purpose of this service is to ensure correct procedures and to save valuable time.

Your board is produced according to our latest sandwich technology. Please follow our simple precautions to preserve it correctly.

Air vent.
   All sandwich boards contends a large percentage of air, (the boards foam core consists of 98% air bubbles) confined within the sealed and water tight skin of the board. The volume of the "trapped" air increases considerably when exposed to higher temperatures, and may cause severe de- laminations or leaks. Consequently it is essential to allow the pressure (access air) to escape by opening the air vent, one or two turns is sufficient, when there is a risk of over pressure. Do always open the air vent when you transport your board on a car, store it in a board bag in direct sunlight, or when flying. Make it as a rule to open the vent systematically when not sailing, as well as checking that it is securely closed before you go back in the water.

Foot straps.
   The foot straps are fastened with 22 mm screws. Avoid using screws that are not standard. Screws that are too long will penetrate the inserts and cause water leaks. Do not use too much force when mounting your straps, but re-tighten the screws after the first few hours of sailing. Some of our models have shorter screws to accommodate central rear inserts.

The fin.
   Make sure to keep your fin (s) in good condition. We recommend you to store your fins in fitted bags. Even a small damage or scratch may generate spin outs and dramatically reduce it's performance. Attach the fin firmly before you go sailing.

The board.
   Make sure to rinse off your board with fresh water frequently, and preferably after each time it has been exposed to sand and/or salt water. Avoid direct sunlight as much as possible. The sun, salt water and sand are the most common elements of our beaches, but also the three worst enemies of your board and equipment. Sandwich boards offer incomparable performance due to their light weight and exceptional rigidity. Despite the use of impact resistant materials such as carbon and our wood laminates, they are still sensitive to puncture impacts. Avoid carrying your board with the harness hook pushing the hull, and more importantly,- avoid impact between the rig and the board.Safeguard your board by using mast and boom protectors. Store your board in a dry place without big temperature variations,- preferably in a board bag.

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