"Finally, a Compact traveller's board 2m long, making it a breeze to transport and store your equipment".


Volume: 126 litres
Length: 204cm
Width: 83cm
Tail width: 55cm
Weight (Wood): 7.3kg
Weight (Dram): 7.8kg
Supplied fins: Drake Race 480 and Drake Freeride 380
Sail range: 5.5m2 to 9.5m2

Designed by Tiesda You and Svein Rasmussen

Compact 126 : Wood, Dram
  • As well as being primarily a practical board, the Compact has also been designed to carry a wide range of sails, plane in light winds and reach an extremely high top end speed comfortably.
  • Like the Carves, two footstrap insert positions are available: inboard for accessibility and maneuver orientated sailing, outboard for maximum speed and control.
  • 2 fins are supplied with the board: the Race 480 delivers bottom end power and upwind drive with sails over 8.5m2, the Freeride 380 works with sails below 8.5m2 to reveal a slippery-fast freeride feel and excellent jibing performance.
  • A special Compact boardbag will soon be available, incorporating mast and boom attachments for an ultimately compact and practical package. Grab the bag and go!

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