The FreeFormula range is the performance key for recreational racers looking for versatility in their light wind board.

Our new boards have been totally reworked to utilize the latest results from our extensive Formula development. For the first time, the FreeFormula shapes are even shorter than the full race Formula, reducing swing weight and offering an especially lively and responsive ride, yet maintaining enough nose area volume by thickness to cater for effortless tacking. The new Free Formulas provide a real fun, fast, crisp ride with a softer touch and more forgiving feel than the Formulas. Optional inboard straps allow easy strap access, or outboard for maximum leverage. Jibing is easier than the Formulas, aided by lower rails, a more curved tail section and chamfers, but it still involves foot pressure to get around. Once initiated, the board glides easily through the jibe and exits with full speed. The 2004 Free Formulas add an enhanced dimension to your light wind sailing.

FreeFormula: 138, 158 (DRAM)
FreeFormula: 138, 158 (WOOD)

The FreeFormula 138 is a remarkable 222 cm long, 95 cm wide and provides absolute cutting edge performance with smooth character.

The FreeFormula 158 is designed for the heavier sailor, or the light wind enthusiast looking for better acceleration and superb upwind performance.

Model Volume
Finbox Fin size Sail size
FreeFormula 138 138 222 96 66.9 8.0 8.7 Deep Tuttle Drake Race 560 5.5-10.5
FreeFormula 158 158 231 100 73.1 8.7 9.5 Deep Tuttle Drake Race 640 6.0-12.5

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