The performance level amongst freestyle sailors is rising quickly. They are a new breed of more demanding pilots, looking for the board that can take them to the next level.

New Caledonian Colin Sifferlen, the current PWA King of the Lake, is known as the most dedicated technical freestyler. Colin had free reign in developing his own new collection of boards which Starboard makes available for core freestylers. The boards he used to win with were shaped by Jean Lois Colmas from New Caledonia, and for 2004 they have both gone all the way by creating a new concept to change the world of Freestyle. An especially thin board gives more control as the feet remain closer to the board's centre of gravity during tricks and landings, whilst the thin shape also provides the best pop. The extreme width brings a whole new dimension to Freestyle, providing earlier planing and more stability when landing or completing tricks. The Freesex rails feature bevels right back to the rear foot strap making them even more forgiving, whilst a flatter rocker ensures the highest acceleration. The Freesex boards are now the clear reference for aspiring and advanced freestylers.

FreeSEX: 84, 96, 108 (DRAM)
FreeSEX: 84, 96, 108 (WOOD)

The measured volume can be deceiving for this new radical freestyle design: Freesex 84 planes up super early with its 61 cm width, yet performs as the most radical freestyle tool we ever made.

Model Volume
Finbox Fin size Sail size
FreeSEX 84 84 242 61 37.8 6.25 7.05 US box Drake Freestyle 220 4.2-5.8
FreeSEX 96 96 246 67 40.9 6.60 7.35 US box Drake Freestyle 240 4.8-6.5
FreeSEX 108 108 250 72 47.2 7.25 7.90 US box Drake Freestyle 260 5.2-8.0

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