"No other board to date has revolutionized modern windsurfing like the Hypersonic. Truly extraordinary" Windsurf magazine UK.

The HyperSonic program has enjoyed the highest attention ever and along the way, become the world's best selling board. Since its introduction last season, the Hypersonic concept has pushed the boundaries of board design to a different level and into new directions. No other windsurfing concept has been as talked about, debated or analyzed more. Love it or hate it, the Hypersonic simply combines the maximum speed performance over the widest possible wind range,. Using rigs from 5 m to 10 m while sailing in 8 to 30 knots on the very same board.

This season, the second generation HyperSonics have been reworked to lift the concept to new levels of performance.

HyperSONIC: 96, 111, 133 (DRAM)
HyperSONIC: 96, 111, 133 (WOOD)

Improved jibing:
With thinned rails and rounded tail outlines, the new HyperSonics carve smoothly and jibe faster to become more enjoyable and competitive around the jibe mark.

More comfort:
The new lower and rounded standing area gives a most comfortable platform for the feet, while a higher refined rocker keeps the front section clear of harsh chop delivering a fun and forgiving ride.

More compact shape:
An even shorter shape reduces dynamic swing weight ahead of the mast track, improving response and liveliness. In high winds, these boards remain in total control as the reduced nose area does not get caught by the wind. The new ultra compact HyperSonic - more controllable and agile than ever before.

Deep double concaves:
The remarkable hull shape of the HyperSonics is the key to their outstanding ability to keep planing, power upwind and accept smaller fins. (To optimize your HyperSonic range, both 42cm and 34cm fins are supplied as standard.) The sharp central spine under the front of the board also allows HyperSonic to penetrate through the water efficiently for a remarkably smooth ride, even in the choppiest conditions.

Higher speed:
The sum of shorter length, higher rocker, smaller fins, rounder tail and rails presents a board which sets new standards in overall speed across a wide wind range.

Model Volume
Finbox Fin size Sail size
Hypersonic 96 96 218 77 49.9 6.4 7.2 Deep Tuttle Drake Slalom 340/420 4.8-9.3
Hypersonic 111 111 218 77 54.0 6.8 7.5 Deep Tuttle Drake Slalom 340/420 5.0-9.9
Hypersonic 133 133 218 77 54.0 7.3 8.0 Deep Tuttle Drake Slalom 340/420 5.3-10.4

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