The new Prokids Team and the new Prokids range of boards:

  • Prokids Acid, the Jaeger Stone Pro-model, is an extreme, classic down-the-line kids' wave board.

  • Prokids Evo, the evolutionary waveboard with maximum versatility for progressive and radical young riders.

  • Prokids S-Type, the miniature slalom / freeride board for the ultimate blasting rides.

  • Prokids Formula, the miniature course racing board with early planing and high performance racing abilities.

  • All the Prokids boards are made in Full Airex PVC sandwich, with a gel coat finish

  • The Starsurfer in NASA construction (see front page) is the ultimate progressive board for young windsurfers. Sporting an optional middle fin and a safe soft EVA deck cover. This fast and super easy to ride design has come a long way since Starboard introduced the first real windsurfing board for youngsters.

  • Prokids : Acid, Evo, S-Type, Formula

    Wind magazine, France, on the Starsurfer, June 2004:

    "Real star of the range, here is the special board for kids who want to get fully into windsurfing. A board perfectly progressive and adapted to the needs of youngsters who are looking for a board to attack windsurfing, progress and go very far."

    Model Volume
    Fin box Fin size Sail size

    Prokids Acid 48 214 50 32.9 5.2 kg US Drake Wave 200 1.5-4.0
    Prokids EVO 62 219 54 34.4 5.9 kg US Drake Evolution Wave 205 2.0-4.7
    Prokids S-Type 72 210 55 36.8 6.3 kg Tuttle Drake Freeride 260 2.0-6.0
    Prokids Formula 117 217 93 69.8 8.9 kg Deep Tuttle Drake Race 260 3.0-8.5

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