"Slalom Sailing is one of the most exciting fun disciplines of our sport. With everything that we have learned from light wind formula racing, it has been great to advance the entire sport. Now we are producing slalom equipment that will plane in 8 knots or even less. The boards have so much range in them that it is a new game. The speed you can reach on new style slalom boards is absolutely incredible, and most importantly your time on the water has increased 10 fold. I think Slalom will make a strong comeback. Most people enjoy drag racing. Slalom is fast, fun, and easy to go out and get the adrenaline going."
Kevin Pritchard.

SONIC: 90, 100, 110

Starboard still holds the slalom production board world title. This year IFCA the international funboard class association, reactivated international slalom championships while others are following regional and nationally. Soon what was the worlds most popular discipline may return in greater strength than ever before.

We are preparing a long term strategy for the comeback of slalom and Kevin Pritchard is helping make the right kit for it.

The new 90 and 100 are getting a fatter tail and standing area to provide more "push" for the feet. The new Sonic 110 measuring 235 x 68 is an uncompromised light wind slalom rocket for sails up to 9.0 meters.

The Sonic series is clearly aimed for the dedicated slalom sailor looking for top end speed to win events in core slalom conditions. However, for huge range, upwind capacity and smooth sailing the 2004 Hypersonic line is the choice.
Model Volume
Finbox Fin size Sail size
Sonic 90 90 255 55 33.4 5.7 Tuttle box Drake Slalom 320 5.0-7.0
Sonic 100 100 245 58 38.0 6.3 Tuttle box Drake Slalom 340 5.5-7.8
Sonic 110 110 235 68 46.5 6.7 Tuttle box Drake Slalom 420 5.8-9.0

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