Sailors as young as 8 years are already doing forward loops on the Island of Bonair, and its time to explore the sport of windsurifng already when a child becomes 5 years old of age. Windusrfing is really for all ages , just like skiing and soccer.

Starsurfer ,finally a cool quality windsurfing board for young sailors providing a scaled, compact feel. The width of 76 cm features confident stability and super early planing. The new Starsurfer is designed with feedback from our last years revolutionary kids board. The rocker line is smoother , giving earlier planing and a more comfortable ride at top end speed. The ultra modern short and stable platform makes it easy to learn the sport and take it to the next level. The rounder rails and a more curved tail simplifies jibing.

The Starsurfer is targeting sailors from15 to 40 kg, and is a great blast for anyone .

Starsurfer set up:
For beginners we recommend to use the rounded safety fin in the middle and the freeride fin in the tail to maintain upwind capability. At the first stage its also optimal to use the inside strap positions. Once the wind is up and the sailor is ready to get planing, take out the rounded middle fin, close it with a fin base insert and move the straps to the outside insert positions. The more time spent on the board, the further out and back the straps can be moved. The Starsurfer is a real performance board with the best of entry level features, a real fun machine.

Starsurfer Medium (Dram and ASA)
The new Entry-level / Progressive blasting boards for children aged 10 to 15 yrs.

Starsurfer: Dram, ASA

  • Designed to be very stable in a very compact package, with extra volume pumped into the midsection rails.

  • 3 insert options are available, for: first time windsurfing, intermediate and advanced settings.

  • The hull shape remains very fast and lively, with an immediate high-fun feel as soon as it gets planing - just like its smaller brother, the Starsurfer Small.

  • The rounded, very fair tail outline makes jibing smooth and easy (from the Carve 145 and Carve 161 shapes.

    The ASA version features the full EVA deck, 1 nose-handle and 1 centre carry-handle. The Dram version features a half-deck EVA pad on a lightweight sandwich construction, 1 nose handle and 1 centre carry-handle too.

    The Starsurfer Small and Starsurfer Medium are precursor entry-level / progressive boards to a full product offensive in 2005 with a series of radical boards for children.

  • Specifications
    Model Volume
    Fin box Fin size Sail size

    Starsurfer 88 216 76 50.1 9.4 kg Tuttle box Drake Freeride 400 + Start Convertible 1.0-7.0
    Starsurfer Medium 140 235 85 56 11.7 - Drake Race 480
    Start Convertible centre fin

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