Today's ultra wide Start boards have set the clear standard in entry level windsurfing.

The original Start board was introduced by Starboard in 2000, now this Ultra Wide board style has totally reshaped the windsurfing scene. Starboard is encouraged to see the whole industry following in its footsteps. With the enormous stability offered by the ultra wide Start board you can concentrate on holding the wind in your hands and simply go windsurfing.

The very successful Start Small and Start Large shapes are now available in ASA skin with increased strength and better weight, plus lots of extra's:

  • More comfort, speed and fun feel from less length.
  • Sporty feel and top end speed from the Formula cut aways.
  • Early planing from the super wide double concave hull.
  • Extra stability from more width.
  • Easy jibing with concave rails, and a thin , rounded tail.
  • Starbox system with carry handle. Modern daggerfin technology.
  • Optional Starboard roller wheels make transport easy.
  • ASA Technology skin gives a more impact resistant hull.
  • Inlaid EVA construction providing a flush deck.
  • Dual density nose protectors.
  • High density front protectors.
  • Instructional video and manual included.

START: XS,Small, Large blue, Large Red, Large Red (New)

Test report by Wind magazine - France :
Start Large.

"Thanks to its excellent weight/volume ratio, and a fin that is deeper and more stable under the back foot the ultra stable and accessible board presents a more sporty feeling right away. Plenty of volume up front, allows easy for tacking for everyone and can even allow for transportation of 2 people! We are surprised by the maneuverability, the jibing engages without any problems and it carves fast, stable, and with a good exit. The good positive point about it is the great range of the fin, that allows one to sail without being annoyed by spinouts even with sails up to 9m2! By giving it a real race blade its both fast and capable of good pointing, but still with the comfort.. A true board for beginners, with an intelligent shape, very well equipped and finished to perfection."

"Easier to learn, quicker to get planing and soon windsurfing is a mainstream sport. Only a dream? Svein Rasmussen and Jim Drake are the names of the 2 dreamers. They developed the start board, a board that every "new comer" will become a real windsurfer on within 4 days. At the end of the 1960's Jim Drake had another good dream and ended up inventing windsurfing"_Surf magazine - Germany

The large towing eye in the nose provides superior grip for carrying, complimenting the carry handle in the middle of the board, which doubles as the centre finbox. Optional rollers are being developed to insert on the tail for easy transport.

Windsurfing mag in the US :
"It is equipped with a revolutionary spring - loaded centerboard that locks in place , but can be adjusted by foot, despite sliding nicely below deck to avoid clutter."

The sturdy Start epoxy construction has been further reinforced in impact areas. Original Starboard EVA deck makes the Start the most comfortable and practical board.

The revolutionary Clipperbox retractable center fin system is super slick and smooth to use. Totally sand proof and totally flush to the deck.

Model Volume
Finbox Fin size Sail size
Start x-small 150 235 85 56.0 13.0 Clipperbox + Deep Tuttle Clipperbox + Drake Shallow 40 2.0-9.0
Start small 180 255 100 67.7 14.2 Clipperbox + Deep Tuttle Clipperbox + Drake Shallow 40 1.0-10.5
Start large 210 265 110 71.8 15.5 Clipperbox + Deep Tuttle Clipperbox + Drake Shallow 40 1.0-11.5

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