"These shorter wave /freestyle " toys with thicker rails and more V are great crossover boards for full on wave sailing and fun blasting". Ty Bodycoat

We have been taking the best features from our fastest wave boards over the years, and developed a great line of boards that merge the best of wave sailing and higher wind freestyle fun. Our policy is to only release boards that clearly have advantages. In the wave/freestyle segment this is a challenge.

TRANCE: 74, 84, 94 (DRAM)
TRANCE: 74, 84, 94 (WOOD)

The Trance 74 is based on the rocker line from the legendary super fast and fun Twister from 1998. Our team sailors still rave about features from that board, and its now coming alive with more forgiving rails, shorter length and refined volume distribution. This is a classic board which refined shape fits into ?all at once? fleet of Trance boards.

The Trance 84 is building on the strengths of last years shape, but has a quicker rocker, more rounded outline and thinner rails aft. This compact board gives a responsive feel with plenty of drive for both onshore waveriding and freestyle in medium high winds .

The Trance 94 became such a great performer both as wave board and freestyler that it outperformed last years Acid 94, thus eliminated it from the Acid range.
Model Volume
Finbox Fin size Sail size
TRANCE 74 74 244 53 33.5 6.3 7.0 US box Drake Wave 220 3.5-5.5
TRANCE 84 84 243 56 36.7 6.6 7.3 US box Drake Wave 220 4.2-5.8
TRANCE 94 94 243 60 37.9 7.1 7.7 US box Drake Wave 240 5.0-6.5

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