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Maciek Rutkowski
A new young super star from Poland at 13 years of age.

Maciek Rutkowski is a new young super star from Poland at 13 years of age. Among his friends and older sailors he is known to be fearless and extremely motivated. Maciek is training hard for one purpose,- He is aiming for the top. Last season culuminated with a 3rd. At the Junior Formula Worlds, and we dare to predict even more glamour and top results this year and in the years to come.

Starboard Staff.

I started windsurfing when I was 5 or 6. I did it couse my father was doing it long time before and my brother Leszek started doing it some time before me and he liked it. I said „If my brother can do it I can do it too”. So for two years we were sailing in Poland in many places. Then we went to Prasonisi, Rhodos. It was brilliant. I learnt planning, sailing with harness in footstraps, jibing and some basic freestyle tricks. In the same year we went to a windsurfing camp, which was in Leba. We didn't sail on formula boards but we could sail with the best competitors. In next year's winter we went to Isla de Margarita in Venesuela. My brother had already a Formula. It was the 135 model. He enjoyed it very much and let me sail on it. It was magnificent. It was so fast that I didn't know what to say. All the next season I sailed on kid sails and a freeride board. It was a problem with sails for me, couse all the sails I tested were very heavy and the booms were too high. Then I heard about Tushingham, an English company that produced light sails for women and small competitors. First I bought 3.2 and then 4.4. They where really good for me. During the next winter (2002) we went to Dominicana. There I started formula sailing. Can you imagine, Formula 135 and 4.4 no cam sail?! It's true. It wasn't fast but it went ok. In the same season on the Leba camp, I moved from the amateur group, to the pro group and I trained with the best guys like Wojtek Brzozowski or Michael Polanowski. I started competing in the Polish B Cup, and I even ended some races in the time limit. I was sailing on Tushingham Mustang 6.0. In the end of the season I started to use Tushingham Lighting 7.8, a 2 cam freerace sail. With this sail I started to appear in Polish Formula racing competitions.

Than the 2003 season came. The best season of my life. I got a brand new Formula 117. It really helped me in all those successes that I made this season. Many thanks for Starboard for doing 2 sizes of Formula, so I don't have to sail on a 160 liter board. First I started in Euro- cup Malcesine. I was 1st in the Junior fleet. Than I went back to Poland and I kept on training. I started in the International Polish Championships in Jurata and I was 60 – something. Then I went to Torbole on Lake Garda to start in the Junior Worlds. In the first race I was 3rd sailing with Youth and Junior fleets which were combined. It was my best race but the judge said it was a falls start. I was really angry. In the next races I was pushing hard but I couldn't beat Oliver Tom in the overall. At last I was 3rd in Junior fleet only 2 points behind Oliver Tom. Then I went back to Poland and started in the PWA. Again I changed the sail. This time from 7.8 to 8.5 I placed 84th or 86th It was very nice, couse I was sailing with the pro guys, which 2 years earlier was only a dream. Then I started in Polish Junior Champs. The wind was very light and I was 2nd. Than I started in Polish Youth Champs. It wasn't my best competition and I was 9th. It shows that the Polish junior and youth level is very high and top ten guys can change on all ten positions. Than I was training again and I started in the worlds on Rugen island. In the 1st race I was 74th. It was a very good race. Unfortunately next races were not so good and at the end I was 91st in the overall. I ended the season very happy. Now I'm keeping on training and I've already been to L'Almarre for spring training. The first competitions that I plan to start in, is 3 Polish A Cups in May and June. The most important competition in this year will be the Junior and Youth World Champs. In my fleet (U15) I would like to be in the top three or maybe to win, but it will be hard to do it. It'll be a tough season.

All the best,

Maciek Rutkowski POL 232

Maciek Rutkowski
A new young super star from Poland at 13 years of age.

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